Monday, September 30, 2019

Welcome To Our Patch

My friend, Cindy, went to a yard sale that another friend, Kris, was having and bought a few projects  things for me. It looked like these boards were the beginnings of a flag. The solid board was painted blue, & came with a star. Of course, I tend not to use things for their intended purpose, & with it being Fall, I saw a pumpkin.
 I just got the Cricut Maker & look for any opportunity to use it! So, I thought this was a perfect project to play around with.
I used the Cricut Design Space to find an already made pumpkin patch design and cut a vinyl stencil. I painted the blue board with the color Caviar from the Dixie Belle Paint Company, then added the stencil.
 I added a coat of Dixie Belle's saeler, Gator Hide, over the stencil. This will help prevent the paint from bleeding under the stencil.
 Once the Gator Hide was dry, I used the color, Sand Bar, over the stencil. I have found that the best tool for stenciling is a makeup sponge.
 I pulled up the stencil and the design came out perfect. No bleeding under the stencil thanks to the Gator Hide & makeup sponge!
 On the unfinished boards, I painted them with the colors Terra Cotta & Colonel Mustard, blending them as I painted. Then I added a little Van Dyke Brown Glaze.
 I made a stem by using Voodoo Gel Stain in the color, Tobacco Road, on the raw wood. I added a little of the Caviar paint to define the bottom of the stem.

 I had 3 of the boards, so I used the text feature on the Cricut Maker to make more stencils that say, "welcome to our patch."

I'm loving the Cricut Maker. I may never do hand lettering again!

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Preserve Your Petals

Before Summer comes to an end and flowers fade, preserve your petals with this easy project.

Grab a few flowers from your garden & place the petals between two pieces of parchment paper. I used petals from knock out roses and hydrangeas. Cover the parchment paper with a towel and use a hot iron to flatten out the petals.

 Working in small sections, add a generous amount of ModPodge to a battery operated candle.
 Place petals on the candle then cover with another coat of ModPodge.
 You can cover the entire candle, but I chose to cover only half of the candle.
 And, of course, everything looks better in threes!

 They're pretty when lit, too!
What is your favorite Summer flower? Will you preserve it?

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Monday, September 2, 2019

Hope For The Chest

This hope chest was minutes away from going on a burn pile!

A friend called to tell me that he had a few things I might be interested in, but the fire was lit and if I wanted anything I'd have to come right over. Luckily I was able to get there in time to rescue a few things. 

This hope chest was missing the skirt around the bottom that forms the legs. 
 It was also missing the knobs on the faux drawers.
I gave the chest a fresh coat of paint using Dixie Belle's color Caviar.

 Rather than put new knobs on, I used re*design with Prima molds & modeling material to create medallions to cover the holes.
 I painted the medallions with Dixie Belle's Moonshine Metallics using the color, Gold Digger. Then I glued them over the holes using E6000.
 I also painted some small legs that I found at Lowe's using the Gold Digger.
 What a shame it would have been if this chest had gone up in flames!

The lesson...
Call before you burn!
There are plenty of us out there that love to rescue & revive discarded furniture.

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