Monday, November 16, 2020

Rust And The German Schmear

 I had never heard of the German schmear technique until I saw it on an episode of Fixer Upper. It creates a beautiful texture.

And, it's not just for a brick wall. It's great in other paint projects as well. And in this project I combined it not only with paint, but also with Dixie Belle Paint Company's Patina Collection.

I started with a wooden pumpkin from Signopoly...

I first stained the pumpkin with Dixie Belle's Voodoo Gel Stain using the color, Tobacco Road.
To create the first layer of the schmear, I add the paint color, Buttercream, to a block of wood, then drug it along the pumpkin.

I wanted to add some rust to my pumpkin, but I also wanted the rust to have some texture. So I mixed Sea Spray, a texture additive, in with the iron patina paint.
I used the same schmear technique with a block of wood to add the patina paint to the pumpkin.

While the patina paint was wet I sprayed it with the green patina spray. The spray creates a chemical reaction that when combined with the iron paint creates rust.

And, who doesn't love a little rust on their pumpkin?

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