Friday, December 11, 2020

Joy Ornament Door Hanger DIY


I'm not a traditional wreath type of girl and love a great door hanger that I can customize. And, there are so many options available to create something unique.

For the door hanger that is on my front door for this Christmas season, I added a little JOY!

I started with a large wooden ornament from Signopoly.

I painted the ornament with the color, Fluff, from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.
I used painters tape to add grain sack stripes with the color, French Linen.

To soften the paint colors, I washed over the French Linen with the Fluff, then washed over the Fluff with Grunge Glaze.
I cut a J and a Y with my Cricut Maker to make a stencil.
When you apply Cricut vinyl to a surface you put transfer tape over it to be able to place it easily and keep wrinkles out of the vinyl. Once I peeled up the transfer tape, I placed it at the top of the vinyl. Because the letters are close to the edge at the top of the vinyl, the tape will act as a barrier when I stencil so the paint won't go outside of the vinyl and end up where I don't want it.
I used a makeup sponge to apply the color Evergreen to the stencil. I did 3 thin coats to get good coverage.
I added Gemstone Mousse in the color, Diamond, to the top of the ornament and gave it a little accent of the paint color, Coffee Bean.

I placed a boxwood wreath between the J and Y to represent the O. I used a combination of hot glue and E6000. Hot glue will hold for now, but E6000 will hold forever.
A little JOY for my door!

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Monday, November 16, 2020

Rust And The German Schmear

 I had never heard of the German schmear technique until I saw it on an episode of Fixer Upper. It creates a beautiful texture.

And, it's not just for a brick wall. It's great in other paint projects as well. And in this project I combined it not only with paint, but also with Dixie Belle Paint Company's Patina Collection.

I started with a wooden pumpkin from Signopoly...

I first stained the pumpkin with Dixie Belle's Voodoo Gel Stain using the color, Tobacco Road.
To create the first layer of the schmear, I add the paint color, Buttercream, to a block of wood, then drug it along the pumpkin.

I wanted to add some rust to my pumpkin, but I also wanted the rust to have some texture. So I mixed Sea Spray, a texture additive, in with the iron patina paint.
I used the same schmear technique with a block of wood to add the patina paint to the pumpkin.

While the patina paint was wet I sprayed it with the green patina spray. The spray creates a chemical reaction that when combined with the iron paint creates rust.

And, who doesn't love a little rust on their pumpkin?

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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Tilt Top Table Makeover

 It's amazing how a little paint can completely transform a piece of furniture. And, this tilt top table is no exception.

The base of the table was in good shape, however, the top not so much! It definitely needed some love.

I painted the table with 2 coats of the color, Spanish Moss, from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.

I've had this Re*design With Prima transfer for quite sometime waiting for the perfect project to use it on, and this was it.

The transfer came in 4 sections so I carefully placed them & taped them down, then rubbed them on.
I went over the entire table with Dixie Belle's clear wax. Adding clear wax first makes it easier to control the darker wax colors.
Then I added black wax to the detailed areas, then wiped it back with a rag.

What a difference! From drab & dated to darling!

I made sure that when the table was tilted, that the design would be in the proper direction.

When tilted, the table is like a work of art.

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Monday, October 12, 2020

Bottle Makeover with WoodUBend

 I love old bottles! I have a collection of them in my kitchen window. And, I find it hard to throw away new ones. They may not be beautiful or unique like my vintage ones, but they can be! So, I like to give them a makeover.

When I finished this bottle of vinegar, I ran it through the dishwasher then painted it with one coat of the color Vintage Duck Egg from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.

Once the paint was dry, I added a piece of WoodUBend trim around the top of the bottle, & a flower to the center using E6000 glue. WoodUBend is flexible once you apply heat to it, so it can be wrapped around any shape. 
I painted over the bottle and the WoodUBend with another coat of Vintage Duck Egg.
Once the paint was dry, I covered the WoodUBend with Dixie Belle glaze in the color, Van Dyke Brown.
I put the glaze on heavy, then wiped it back with a damp rag.
When the glaze was dry, I rubbed on Dixie Belle Gilding Wax in the color Hammered Copper.

This bottle may not be old like the ones in my collection, but I think it's just as beautiful!

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