Monday, February 24, 2020

My New Favorite Color

 With 69 colors, it's hard to pick a favorite Dixie Belle Paint color. But, what I'm loving right now is Antebellum Blue.
I knew it would be a great color when paired with black wax to bring out the detail in this little harp table...

It's such a gorgeous shade of blue with just a hint of green...

Once the table was painted, I applied Dixie Belle's Clear Best Dang Wax. Doing this helps control the depth of the black wax.
I applied the Black Best Dang Wax with a stiff wax brush making sure it got it into all the detail areas...
 Then I wiped it back with a rag...
 The wax highlights all the beautiful detail...

 So, for today at least, Antebellum Blue is my favorite color.

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Photo Lantern

I've been fortunate to do quite a bit of traveling. My most recent trip was to Italy. It was fantastic! I took a lot of great pictures, but they usually stay in the cloud rather than being displayed.
So, I decided to do a project that would let me enjoy some of my favorite photos from my trip.
Converting these photos to black & white made them look like they could've been taken a hundred years ago!

I painted 4 frames using Dixie Belle Paint in the color Caviar then set them aside to dry.
I printed the photos on vellum...
I took the glass out of one of the frames, placed it over the pictures, traced around the glass, then cut over the traced lines.

 Once the frames were dry, I added a line of E6000 glue to the inside lip of the frame.
 I placed the vellum into the frame and then added another line of E6000 to hold the glass in place.

 I left the backs off of the frames & glued the frames together with E6000, then held them in place with painters tape until the glue dried.

 Finally, I placed a candle inside to create the perfect lantern.

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Thursday, February 6, 2020

A Love Like Gnome Other

When did gnomes get to be popular again? I'm not sure, but I jumped on the gnome bandwagon with a cute project for Valentine's Day.
 I painted a 6" x 6" wood canvas with the color Fluff from the Dixie Belle Paint Company. Dixie Belle chalk mineral paints are typically used for furniture, but I use it in all my painting projects because the colors are so beautiful.
I used my Cricut to create a vinyl stencil for the words, then applied it to the painted canvas. I painted over the words with Dixie Belle's Clear Coat. This will create a barrier to help prevent the paint from bleeding under the stencil & will give you nice, crisp letters.
 I used a makeup sponge to go over the letters with the color Peony. I did thin coats so I had to go over the letters three times with the paint to get solid coverage.

 I sketched a little gnome and taped him onto the canvas. I placed carbon paper under the sketch, then traced over it to transfer my gnome onto the canvas.

 I painted the gnome with more Dixie Belle & think he turned out super cute!

 I created the little block with the heart & key back in 2016. If you want to see the tutorial click HERE.

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