Friday, April 17, 2020

Creamsicle With A Surprise Inside

When I found this little table at a yard sale, I loved the style but it was in terrible shape...

 It was so bad that I had to get out the electric sander. It had been spray painted so the finish was very uneven & had lots of drips.
I chose the color, Apricot, from the Dixie Belle Paint Company & once I started painting, I ran into another problem. The tannins in the wood began to bleed through the paint in some areas.
So, I added 2 coats of Dixie Belle's BOSS. This blocked the bleed through.
 Once the table was painted with Apricot, I added Flamingo...

The drawers needed some love too! So, I painted them with the color Stormy Seas...
I added a succulent pattern to the sides of the drawers using decoupage tissue paper from re*design with Prima.

 This cute table sold before I ever painted it. The buyer saw the "before" on Instagram & said they didn't care what color I painted it, they just wanted it to be happy.
 And, I have to give the new owner credit for the title. When she saw the finished product she said it reminded her of a creamsicle.
 Luckily, she likes creamsicles...
& the table!

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

The Sunflower Table

Raise your hand if your mother had one of these leather top tables.

 I think every house had one at one time. I still have one that was my mothers, although it is in much better shape than this one.

 The finish was so uneven that I had to pull out the sander.

 I had a feeling that this type of wood was going to bleed through my paint so I added BOSS to prevent it.
Even though the wood was in such bad shape, the leather top was fine & I wanted to leave it as is. So I picked colors that would work well with the leather. I started out with the color Rebel Yellow. 
 Then I added some Colonel Mustard...
 then chocolate...

 Does anyone else paint on their kitchen counters?
I added Van Dyke Brown glaze to the detail by painting it on, then wiping it away with a damp rag...

 The colors reminded me of sunflowers. So, I added a few. They are from the re*design with Prima tranfer called Sunflower Fields.
I cut several in half & added them to the edges of the table.

 This is NOT your mama's leather top table!

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