Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Western Tapestry Caddy

When a friend shared this little caddy that her brother made, I had to have some! I knew they'd be perfect for some of the classes that I teach at Junk Mama's General Store.

There are so many options for transforming this blank "canvas". For the first one, I started off painting it with the color Caviar from the Dixie Belle Paint Company. 

Once the paint was dry, I added the Western Tapestry transfer from re*design With Prima, to the front & back of the caddy.

I then painted three small jars with the color Honky Tonk Red.

To accentuate the detail on the jars & age them a little, I added Black Gilding Wax. I simply rubbed it on with my finger.

The jars fit perfectly in the caddy.

There are so many things I can use the caddy & jars for... flowers, pens, pencils, paint brushes, etc. I entertain quite a bit, & the jars are perfect for silverware!

For another caddy, I added my favorite decoupage rice paper from the Dixie Belle Paint Company, Pallet Wood Pattern...

I used the Pallet Wood Pattern rice paper while teaching a class for a group of 13 ladies at a church in a neighboring town.
The paper is somewhat sheer & each caddy looked completely different depending on the paint color used...

Have you tried transfers and/or decoupage rice paper? Both are easy to use & add a beautiful design element to your projects.

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Cactus On The Corner

My "go to" color when painting furniture to sell is usually some shade of green. It's odd that I don't decorate my home with green since I love it so much!

And, this corner cabinet is no different... I chose a beautiful color, called Cactus, from Dixie Belle's SILK line of paint. Silk is an acrylic based paint, so it's a little different from their chalk mineral paint line.

The cabinets original finish was cherry.

I don't have a great place to paint large pieces, but when a friend sent me this photo, I couldn't resist!

There was a lot of beautiful detail, but the dark color didn't allow it to stand out.

After cleaning with White Lightening, I gave the piece a light scuff sanding. Unlike with Dixie Belle's chalk mineral paint, a scuff sanding is recommended with Silk.

After the scuff sanding, the piece still had somewhat of a slick finish, so I added Dixie Belle's Slick Stick. This product helps paint stick to any slick surface.

On the door, rather than taping off the glass, I slid parchment paper underneath the mullions so I could paint without worrying about getting the paint on the glass. I added tape to the areas where it was hard to get the parchment underneath the mullions. This works using a deck of cards too, but I wanted something to cover large areas at one time.

More Slick Stick...

I like to wait overnight when moving on from one product to the next. So, I waited until the next day then started painting. With Silk you need to wait 2 hours between coats. 

It took 2 coats of paint for perfect coverage.

To make the beautiful detail stand out, I used Best Dang Wax in the color Black.
I put it on with a wax brush, making sure to get down into all the grooves. Then I wiped it back with a soft rag. I used clear wax to remove the black wax anywhere that I felt it was too heavy.

Now you can see that beautiful detail!

I used Dixie Belle's chalk mineral paint in the color, Caviar to paint the inside of the cabinet.

I can't imagine this piece any other color. Cactus was the perfect choice!

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Friday, June 10, 2022

Dollar Spot Caddy Makeover

 I can't resist shopping the Dollar Spot at Target! There are so many cute things in that section for creating fun projects. And, this little caddy was no different.

Farmhouse style is so popular & I wanted to embrace that for this project.

I first mixed Dixie Belle Paint Company's Sea Spray texture additive with the chalk mineral paint color, Gravel Road. 

The mixture should be the consistency of brownie batter.

I used an inexpensive chip brush to apply the Sea Spray mixture to the outside of the caddy. I applied it in different directions so I wouldn't get a uniform pattern. I also used the side of the bristles to tap the mixture to form peaks. Once finished, I threw the chip brush away... this isn't something you should wash down the drain.

I let the Sea Spray dry overnight. The next day I painted the caddy with the color Sawmill Gravy.

Once the paint was dry, I sanded to expose the Gravel Road color.

To add a little more interest, I added the Pallet Wood Pattern decoupage rice paper, from Dixie Belle, to the inside back of the caddy using ModPodge.

The rustic look of the paper goes perfectly with the chippy, textured look of the Sea Spray.

I added some jars filled with paint brushes & pallet knives to my caddy. Such a pretty way to display my art supplies.

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Friday, May 6, 2022

Vintage Sewing Box Makeover

 This little vintage sewing box was cute, but dated. And, other than being functional for the sewer, it wouldn't get much attention sitting in a corner. 

It was dull on the outside, but dazzling in red on the inside! It even had a pin cushion on the lid & a few notions left behind.

It needed a little color on the outside to match the bright personality it had on the inside. So, I painted the sewing box with the color, Kudzu, from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.

A little paint makes all the difference!

Adding a little Best Dang Wax from Dixie Belle helps all the detail stand out.

I first covered the piece with clear wax, then added brown wax. I put the brown wax on heavy with a wax brush, then wiped away the excess with a rag. The clear wax makes it easy to wipe away the excess brown wax.

Adding the wax makes a big difference!

This little sewing box went from boring to beautiful in a few easy steps.

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