Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Repurposed Brick Mold

 It seems like all of a sudden I'm seeing brick molds everywhere!

I wanted to do something creative with this one & decided a makeover was just what it needed to make it a little less rustic.

I gave the wood a whitewash look with Dixie Belle Paint Company's Voodoo Gel Stain using the color White Magic.

I poured a little of the stain in a container then painted it on with a paintbrush.

Then, while it was still wet, I wiped it back with a damp rag.

I wanted to dress the brick mold up a little more using the Cacti & Succulents Transfer from the Belles & Whistles line from Dixie Belle.

There are 6 sheets in the package. Two of the sheets have an all over design, but the others sheets have separate designs that are easy to cut up & just use a few pieces. 

I cut out the pieces of the transfer that I wanted to use & began rubbing them onto the brick mold using the wooden applicator that comes in the package.

I kept adding to the design until I had the look I wanted.

There are so many things you can use brick molds for...

 add potted plants to them,

add jars to hold silverware at parties,

fill them with seashells,

use them to make large candles...

Or, do what I did!

It just so happens that brick molds are the perfect size to hold 2 rolls of toilet paper. And, it fits perfectly on the back of the toilet!

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