Friday, December 11, 2020

Joy Ornament Door Hanger DIY


I'm not a traditional wreath type of girl and love a great door hanger that I can customize. And, there are so many options available to create something unique.

For the door hanger that is on my front door for this Christmas season, I added a little JOY!

I started with a large wooden ornament from Signopoly.

I painted the ornament with the color, Fluff, from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.
I used painters tape to add grain sack stripes with the color, French Linen.

To soften the paint colors, I washed over the French Linen with the Fluff, then washed over the Fluff with Grunge Glaze.
I cut a J and a Y with my Cricut Maker to make a stencil.
When you apply Cricut vinyl to a surface you put transfer tape over it to be able to place it easily and keep wrinkles out of the vinyl. Once I peeled up the transfer tape, I placed it at the top of the vinyl. Because the letters are close to the edge at the top of the vinyl, the tape will act as a barrier when I stencil so the paint won't go outside of the vinyl and end up where I don't want it.
I used a makeup sponge to apply the color Evergreen to the stencil. I did 3 thin coats to get good coverage.
I added Gemstone Mousse in the color, Diamond, to the top of the ornament and gave it a little accent of the paint color, Coffee Bean.

I placed a boxwood wreath between the J and Y to represent the O. I used a combination of hot glue and E6000. Hot glue will hold for now, but E6000 will hold forever.
A little JOY for my door!

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