Sunday, August 30, 2020

Bread Board Tablet Stand

When cooking, do you use your tablet for recipes? I do. It's rare that I actually use a recipe card. And, having a stand to keep it upright makes it so much easier to view than trying to pick it up with messy hands.

And, if I'm going to have a stand, it might as well be pretty, so I made my own.

I started with a wooden bread board from Signopoly.

  I wanted to do a paint pour on part of the board, so I drew a line about 3/4 of the way up from the bottom. I covered the top portion with cling wrap and secured it with painters tape.

I placed the board on top of 2 disposable cups to elevate the board so that the paint could run off the edges during the paint pour. I placed the cups inside of a shallow box that I covered with a plastic trash bag. I mixed Dixie Belle metallic paint in the colors, Gold Digger and Caribbean, as well as their colors, Caviar and Muscadine Wine, with Zinsser Paint Booster, then began to pour them on the board. The paint booster helps the paint move more freely.
I picked up the board and tilted it in different directions to allow the paint to move across the board.

While the paint was still wet, I sprayed it with a little hand sanitizer in some areas. This creates different designs within the pour.
I let the paint dry overnight, then removed the tape and cling wrap.

 I painted the remainder of the board with Caribbean metallic paint, as well as 2 wooden knobs.

To make the tablet stand, I added a small chalkboard easel that I found at Michaels, to the back. Before attaching it, I placed it in the center of the board & marked where I needed holes for the knobs. I then drilled the holes for the knobs, then used E6000 to attach the easel to the back of the board. Once the glue set up, I added the knobs.

This makes the perfect stand for my iPad when I'm cooking. When not in use, it stores away nicely in a cabinet.

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