Monday, September 21, 2020

Patchwork Pumpkin


I've used wood cutouts from Signopoly for a couple of years now. So, when they asked me recently to be a Signopoly Ambassador, I was thrilled. As an ambassador, they send me things to play around with. And, when they sent me this new pumpkin design, I immediately thought of a quilt.

I knew that I wanted some of the sections to be patterned. If you've followed me for awhile, then you know I love crafting with patterned paper napkins. When I found these napkins at Hobby Lobby, I knew they'd be perfect for this project.
I cut the napkins to fit in 6 of the sections.
I used ModPodge to adhere the napkins to the pumpkin then went over the top of the napkins with another coat of ModPodge. I let the excess part of the napkins hang over the edge until dry, then lightly sanded to remove the loose paper.
I used the colors Florida Orange, Rusty Nail, & Colonel Mustard from the Dixie Belle Paint Company to fill in the remaining sections of the pumpkin.

To define each section & make the pumpkin look more "finished" I added Dixie Belle's Best Dang Wax in the color brown. I filled the grooves with the dark wax using a stiff brush, then wiped it back. To make the wax easier to control, I first added clear wax to the pumpkin on the flat surfaces making sure to keep it out of the grooves.

Of all the Signopoly projects I've done over the years, I think this one is my absolute favorite!

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Hello Fall


It's hard to think about Fall when it's 90 degrees out, but a girl can dream! And, I'm in full Fall decorating mode.

This Fall sign was so much fun to create... and easy!

A while back I shared a kitchen conversion sign that I made using a wood blank & wood mason jar from Signopoly...

I had more of the blanks & jars, so I came up with another cute use for them for my Fall decorating.

I painted the wood blank with the color Colonel Mustard from the Dixie Belle Paint Company. This will be the color of my letters.

I painted the mason jar with the color, Buttercream, then added a little detail with the color, Coffee Bean...

I cut out the words, hello Fall, in vinyl using my Cricut Maker...
I place the vinyl on the painted board, then painted over the entire board with the color, Coffee Bean. It took 2 coats for good coverage.
Once the paint was dry, I peeled up the vinyl to reveal the letters...

I used faux leaves from a Fall garland that I bought at Michael's. It was less expensive than buying stems & you get a lot more leaves. Plus, Fall items are already 40% off!

After gluing the mason jar onto the board using E6000, I  cut leaves from the garland & glued them on with tacky glue. I only put a dot of glue at the base of the leaves & at the tip of the leaf so they would remain 3D. I let some of the leaves overlap the top of the jar & secured with tacky glue. I had to place something heavy on the leaves to hold them in place until the glue dried.

A perfect new addition to my Fall decor...

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Voodoo Stained Barn Quilt

 I love barn quilts.

And, I love Voodoo Gel Stain.

So, when I got these wooden barn quilts from Signopoly, I knew the beautiful colors of the Voodoo stain from the Dixie Belle Paint Company would be perfect.

The grooves in the cabinet grade plywood make it so easy! You just fill it in like a coloring book.
I started with a beautiful turquoise color called Temptress. Then I proceeded with Up In Smoke (gray), Tobacco Road (brown), Black Magic, & White Magic.

One thing I love about the Voodoo stain is that it is waterbased. There is no odor & clean up is super easy!

To define the lines I added Dixie Belle's Best Dang Wax in black.
To make it easier to control the dark wax, I first coated the board with clear wax. I tried to avoid the grooves so they would accept the black wax easier. I used a stiff brush to add the black wax to the grooves, then wiped it back with a rag. I left a "hint" of the black wax over the entire board to dirty it up a bit.
I love the shape, the design, the size, & the colors!
Give Voodoo a try. You can use it for good, not evil!

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