Thursday, February 13, 2020

Photo Lantern

I've been fortunate to do quite a bit of traveling. My most recent trip was to Italy. It was fantastic! I took a lot of great pictures, but they usually stay in the cloud rather than being displayed.
So, I decided to do a project that would let me enjoy some of my favorite photos from my trip.
Converting these photos to black & white made them look like they could've been taken a hundred years ago!

I painted 4 frames using Dixie Belle Paint in the color Caviar then set them aside to dry.
I printed the photos on vellum...
I took the glass out of one of the frames, placed it over the pictures, traced around the glass, then cut over the traced lines.

 Once the frames were dry, I added a line of E6000 glue to the inside lip of the frame.
 I placed the vellum into the frame and then added another line of E6000 to hold the glass in place.

 I left the backs off of the frames & glued the frames together with E6000, then held them in place with painters tape until the glue dried.

 Finally, I placed a candle inside to create the perfect lantern.

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  1. That is so clever. I couldn't imagine what you were going to end up with until you were finished. I kept wondering why you put the glass on the back of the frames! A great idea, though. Much less expensive than something similar you'd buy, plus it has your chosen images. Great project.


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