Monday, September 30, 2019

Welcome To Our Patch

My friend, Cindy, went to a yard sale that another friend, Kris, was having and bought a few projects  things for me. It looked like these boards were the beginnings of a flag. The solid board was painted blue, & came with a star. Of course, I tend not to use things for their intended purpose, & with it being Fall, I saw a pumpkin.
 I just got the Cricut Maker & look for any opportunity to use it! So, I thought this was a perfect project to play around with.
I used the Cricut Design Space to find an already made pumpkin patch design and cut a vinyl stencil. I painted the blue board with the color Caviar from the Dixie Belle Paint Company, then added the stencil.
 I added a coat of Dixie Belle's saeler, Gator Hide, over the stencil. This will help prevent the paint from bleeding under the stencil.
 Once the Gator Hide was dry, I used the color, Sand Bar, over the stencil. I have found that the best tool for stenciling is a makeup sponge.
 I pulled up the stencil and the design came out perfect. No bleeding under the stencil thanks to the Gator Hide & makeup sponge!
 On the unfinished boards, I painted them with the colors Terra Cotta & Colonel Mustard, blending them as I painted. Then I added a little Van Dyke Brown Glaze.
 I made a stem by using Voodoo Gel Stain in the color, Tobacco Road, on the raw wood. I added a little of the Caviar paint to define the bottom of the stem.

 I had 3 of the boards, so I used the text feature on the Cricut Maker to make more stencils that say, "welcome to our patch."

I'm loving the Cricut Maker. I may never do hand lettering again!

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  1. These are super cute, Virginia! I got a Cricut Maker to use for making DIY stencils and haven't even turned it on yet. I will remember your tip of applying a sealer first and I've got to try the makeup sponge idea too.

  2. So cute! I love the Pumpkin patch one best:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen


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