Friday, November 22, 2019

Rusty Nail Simplicity

I have come across quite a few corner cabinets like this. There must have been a time when a kit or the plans were available. This one came from a lady around 70 who said her father made it.
 It had a terrible finish on it!
I've said before that there are certain pieces that as soon as I see them I know exactly what I want to do for their makeover. This was one of those pieces.
I could envision it with Rusty Nail and Sawmill Gravy from the Dixie Belle Paint Company, and the re*design with Prima transfer, Simplicity.
 I wasn't expecting bleed through on this piece, but whatever was used for that swishy (is that a word?) finish caused my Sawmill Gravy to turn pink. So, I coated the piece with Dixie Belle's BOSS. BOSS prevents bleed through and odors.

Then I painted the inside of the piece with more Sawmill Gravy and added the Simplicity transfer.
 I painted the rest of the cabinet with Rusty Nail.

 What a difference!

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  1. What the heck were they thinking with that finish? Thank goodness you came to the rescue to take it out of its misery. So much better now!


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