Monday, December 2, 2019

Not Your Mama's Christmas Village

In October, my husband, son, daughter, & I vacationed in Italy. It was a wonderful trip!
We came home with great memories, but not a lot of souvenirs. One thing I did buy was this cute little wooden house. 

I love the rustic simplicity of it. And, of course, I thought that I could do that!
So, once I got home, I took the idea and made a little Christmas Village.

I drew off the pattern for three houses on a 2 x 4 & had my son cut it.
 I sanded the edges, then stained the wood with Voodoo Gel Stain from the Dixie Belle Paint Company. I love this stain because it is water based so the clean up is easy!
 I painted over the stain with the color Fluff from Dixie Belle.
 When the paint was dry, I sanded the blocks.
 For the doors and windows, I cut and painted thin pieces of veneer and glued them onto the blocks with E6000.

 I painted Christmas garland and wreaths on the blocks.

They were cute, but I felt like they needed something.
Shutters! That's what they needed.
 On two of the houses, I used veneer to create the shutters, and painted the shutters on the other one.

 Yes! That's what they needed.

 I love my little Christmas village. And it will always bring back fond memories of my trip to Italy.

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  1. This looks great!
    I have made also a Christmas Village in 2017.
    When you want, look :

    many grretings

  2. I love it, they look so awesome:)

  3. I love all the rustic goodness about this. Featuring when my party opens tonight!

  4. So cute! Thanks for sharing at December 2019 Penny Pinching Party


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