Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Sew Pretty Table Makeover

There was a time when sewing tables were beautiful and made to fit in with your decor. When your sewing machine was tucked away, the cabinet looked and functioned as a table.

The sewing machine was missing from this one that I found in an antique store, but I knew it would be beautiful as an end table.

 I also knew that a little paint would bring out the detail. I chose the color Dusty Blue from the Dixie Belle Company.

 I added a little black glaze to highlight some of the detail.
This is the perfect example of the phrase, "they don't make 'em like they used to!"

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  1. Beautiful. A charming piece that could work in many spaces. Could be a bedside table as well as a plant stand. You did a great job restoring it.

  2. I love how the glaze highlights the details. I hope you'll share this at Party In Your PJ's.

  3. Oh this turned out so gorgeous. It looks like a completely different piece. Featuring when my party opens up!

  4. VaVa
    I don't think I can even tell you how much I love this piece!
    Oh my goodness that color is perfection. You did a beautiful job.
    xo Lisa S


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