Saturday, April 8, 2023

Problem Solving With Mud

 At first glance, this table I picked up at a yard sale appears to be in good condition. It's one of those pieces that some would say, "It's real wood. Why are you painting that?" Well, first of all, some pieces just look better painted. Second, some pieces have issues & painting them is the best option to save them from the dump.

Upon further inspection, I found that this table had a lot of issues that needed attention. The top was not only scratched, it had large patches of white areas.

And, then there's the drawer pull. I like vintage pulls & try to use them when I can. But this one was missing the ring that hangs down to pull the drawer open. So the only way to open it was to grab the sides of the drawer & pull. So, I knew it had to be replaced.

Not only did I have holes left behind from the screws, the drawer pull left an uneven finish. The best way to fix it? Dixie Mud.

I started by filling the holes left from the screws.

To hide the uneven finish, I decided to do a raised stencil on the front of the drawer using the Lotus Bloom stencil from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.

I held the stencil in place then went over it with the Dixie Mud.

I pulled the stencil up while the mud was still wet, then allowed it to dry overnight. 

Once dry, I gave the mud a light sanded to remove any uneven areas or peaks.

I was using Dixie Belle's acrylic based paint, Silk, on this piece. Silk requires a light scuff sanding. After sanding, I decided better safe than sorry, so I also did 2 coats of Slick Stick on the base of the table. Slick Stick helps paint adhere better to slick or shiny surfaces.

I waited 24 hours after applying the Slick Stick, then painted the base of the table with the color, Hampton Olive.

Since I had to replace the original drawer pull,  I grabbed a mold & air dry modeling material from Re*design With Prima, created a medallion, & glued it onto a wooden knob. 

After painting the knob with Hampton Olive, I drilled a new hole for the pull, & added it to the drawer. I used Dixie Belle's water based Voodoo Gel Stain in the color, Tobacco Road, to accentuate the raised detail on the drawer & the knob. I did this by painting the stain on, then wiping it back with a damp rag.

For the top of the table, I used Dixie Belle's oil based No Pain Gel Stain in the color, Walnut. No Pain Gel Stain can be applied directly over a factory finish. I did 3 coats waiting 10 hours between each coat. It completely covered those white patches. 

I sealed the top with Dixie Belle's Gloss Clear Coat.
Silk has a built in sealer, so I did not seal the painted base.

Another piece saved from the dump!

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