Sunday, April 18, 2021

It's All In The Details

 I was very excited when I found this coffee table. I knew that with a good makeover, the ornate details could be stunning.

However, my excitement faded when I realized what a problem the top of the table was going to be. The beautiful veneer on top was badly damaged & so was the ornate trim around the top of the table. So, I started by removing the trim.

Then I moved on to removing the veneer. Some of the veneer came off easily, but some, not so much! 

Removing the veneer took a long time, and it was all for nothing! I took the table outside to sand off the glue from the top & it warped! So, I had to have a new top made for it.

Finally it was time to paint! I chose the color Stormy Seas from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.

Stormy Seas if a beautiful blue, gray color.

The ornate detail of this table was screaming, "make me fancy!" So, to accentuate the details, I added Dixie Belle's Gemstone Mousse in the color, Golden Gem. It is highly pigmented and doesn't take much for great coverage. I used a chip brush with very little mousse and lightly drug it across the details. 

Once the base of the table was done, the top was too plain. So, I grabbed my Royal Damask stencil from Dixie Belle.

I used the chip brush to add more of the Gemstone Mousse.
It was just what the top needed to carry on the "fancy" aspect of this coffee table.

This piece was a labor of love, but in the end, well worth the effort it took to give it new life.

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  1. Well done...the gold accents is gorgeous - you have great vision!

  2. You definitely had a challenge on your hands, but the final result looks amazing!


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