Saturday, January 18, 2020

Follow Your Heart To Signopoly

Have you heard of Signopoly? They are a family owned business based in North Carolina.
They create a large variety of items that are perfect for door hangers or art. All of their pieces are made from quality wood, cut, & sanded to perfection.
I teach a lot of painting classes at Junk Mama's General Store, & Signopoly is my "go to" for class projects.
I'll be teaching a painting & wax class in February using this heart from Signopoly...
 You can get hearts with smooth fronts, but I like the grooves cut into this one. It's a great guide for adding multiple colors.
 I chose to paint the heart with the colors Fluff, Soft Pink, & Peony from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.
 I painted the heart going from the lightest color to the darkest. So, I first painted the entire heart, including the sides, with the color, Fluff.
Then I painted some of the sections with Soft Pink.

 Then I added some Peony.

 To make the lines more crisp & give the heart a more finished look, I added Dixie Belle's Beast Dang Wax. I love this wax! It is water based so it dries to a nice hard finish. The wax has no odor & is eco friendly.
If you add a dark wax directly over the paint, it can be a little hard to control the depth of color. In some cases that's okay, but I wanted the black wax to be heavy in the grooves and more subtle over the paint. To have more control over the black wax, I used a rag and applied clear wax over the entire heart first. I didn't worry about getting the clear wax into the grooves because I want them to be dark.
 Then I used a stiff wax brush to apply the black wax making sure that I got it down into the grooves.
 I used a rag to wipe the black back a little so it was more subtle outside of the grooves.

 Here the left side of the heart has wax & the right side does not. It's a good example of the difference the wax makes.
 You can skip the wax if you prefer, but I love the look with the wax.

 Here is the same heart using a different color combination, Fluff, Vintage Duck Egg, & Antebellum Blue...
Here are a few of my other projects using cutouts from Signopoly...

And, on occasion, I just order plain squares of wood from Signoloy to use in art projects...
Need a custom piece? They do that too.
Check out Signopoly! I'm sure you'll find something you love.

I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Love your painted heart! I like it in the blue colors, also. It caught my eye because it kind of reminds me of my abstract heart art I'm posting tomorrow. I'm visiting from Silver Pennies Sundays. If you are interested, I shared a let it snow printable #43. :)

  2. Virginia I just love this! I'm not a big Valentine's person but this is just perfect. Never heard of Signopoly I'll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen


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