Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Furniture Makeover Roundup With Dixie Belle Paint

 By Far, my favorite paint for furniture comes from the Dixie Belle Paint Company! They have great colors and it's an all around great product. And, it's made in the USA! They have lots of products other than their chalk mineral paint, such as glazes, waxes, top coats, metallics, patina, and more. Visit their website to see everything they offer.
Here's a roundup of a few of the pieces I've painted over the last few months. Starting with this chair painted with Barn Red...
Barn red is one of my favorite Dixie Belle colors and I knew it would be perfect for this small hutch...

 A lot of the Dixie Belle colors have Southern type names. For instance, Kudzu. If you live in the South, then you know it is terrible to have in your yard. But, it's beautiful on furniture!
This cute little Bent Bros. chair had been spray painted a couple of times and was in pretty rough shape. But the Kudzu brought it back to life...

I left the leather top as is on this little table and painted the wood with Kudzu. I added Van Dyke glaze to the paint. The design in the leather took on a hint of green after the table was painted...

This chair needed some love! And, it got it with the paint color Drop Cloth, and Grunge glaze. The seat got a face lift with a grain sack fabric...

The detail in this pretty white chair didn't show up at all when I purchased it at a yard sale. Adding Dixie Belle's black glaze to the chair made all the detail stand out...

 A great combination...
Sea Glass & Grunge Glaze...

 This yard sale find was very dated. But the paint color, Buttercream, & Van Dyke glaze gave it new life...

This freebie from a friend was a mess. It started out yellow. Then someone started painting it with black spray paint but didn't get very far. It was screaming for Collard Greens!

 And, who doesn't love blueberries? This worn out hutch is so sweet painted with Fluff & Blueberry...

 Another one of my favorite Dixie Belle colors is Bunker Hill Blue. It went perfectly with the copper top on this piece...

 Dixie Belle has 55 colors to choose from. And, I hear that new ones are in the works.
If you'd like to try Dixie Belle paints and other products, you can find a retailer near you by visiting their website HERE.

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  1. Fabulous pieces! When you glaze, do you then put any finish over the glaze?

  2. I thought I preferred "real wood" till I saw the beautiful job you did on all this furniture. You really took the time to think out what color would compliment the furniture and its detail. I am very impressed.

  3. Agree with commentor just above me about using paint color to enhance each piece, great job. I especially love little white round table with cute base, would love to have that table. You have a talent for finding great pieces, then doing wonderful job giving them all a second life. Where do you live?
    Enjoy rest of week

  4. Dixie Belle Paint is a joy to use. Your pieces came out fantastic.

  5. Beautiful pieces, beautiful job. I love red and it looks truly great on the pieces. I to love the way this paint looks on your pieces


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