Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pinterest Challenge #2

I have completed another Pinterest challenge!!!

I hope I am not the only one, but I always end up with keys that I have no clue what they go to!
Anybody else have this problem?
While feeding my Pinterest addiction, I came across this idea.
Take your old keys and recycle them into pendants...

Here, I took a vintage clip on earring, broke off the back, and glued it to the key with E6000.  I added some rhinestones for a little more sparkle.  Once the "bling" was in place and dry, I glued a bail to the back of the key. I love how it turned out!

For this one, I started by using ModPodge to cover the key with a decorative napkin to give it some color.
I know, I know, I keep using those darn napkins!
I added some turquoise color microbeads to part of the key.
Then I glued on a vintage bee pin and added the bail.

I left the pin in tact so I can wear it as a necklace or a pin.
I call it my Bee Keyper. Get it? Ha Ha

So, don't throw away those old mystery keys.
If you don't want them, send them my way!!!


  1. Ooh La-La!! I'm a lovin' this one and really thinkin' they'de be a great addition to my boutique...what do you think? Love the bee-keyper. My favorite!!

  2. Blogs need a LIKE button too! Adore this!! I have some of my dad's keys so I think I'll use them...good keepsake. Great idea! Best, Vicki


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