Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Project with Napkins!

 Napkins come in so many beautiful colors and patterns. Some of you may have seen the Peacock Chair I posted a few weeks ago. The peacock design on the chair is actually a napkin that I adhered to the chair with ModPodge...

I have been doing quite a lot of projects using napkins lately.
Today I am going to show you how I made a jewelry holder using a napkin for the decorative accent.
I'm sure you have seen these before, but just in is the tutorial...


Open back frame- this one is 11" x 14"
Paint Brush
Decorative Napkin- Once again I chose a peacock design.
X-acto knife or scissors
staple gun
window screen

Most napkins have several layers. Pull the layers apart until you have a single layer.

Next, begin coating sections of the frame with ModPodge.
Adhere the napkin and give it a top coat of ModPodge.

Fold your corners on the back like you are wrapping a present...

When the frame is dry, staple in the window screen.

Trim the excess screen...

This project took about an hour and was very inexpensive. 

The napkin I used had a pattern that had to match up.  You could use a napkin, or even tissue paper, that has a more "all over" pattern and you could tear the pieces and overlap them.

This would also be a great way to decorate frames to put pictures in!


  1. Very creative! I can't believe that's with napkins! So cute =D Hey, you are my winner from the Belleza Mia giveaway on my blog! Please contact me for details. Thanks so much!

  2. Just picked up an unfinished frame,, instead of painting it..I'm going to do it up right with Napkins!!! thanks for the idea!! GREat one!!!

  3. I love the napkins!! I made an earring holder like this before but I just painted it. This post is making me think about going back and covering it with napkins!

  4. Super cute! I saw your peacock chair a couple weeks ago and have wanted to try something with napkins and now this got me really excited about it!


  5. wow,thanks for this idea,found me an unused shutter in the storage 2 weeks back...i think i know what to do with it now... :)

  6. Napkins! What a smart idea! I never thought of it, but you are right...the colors and patterns are great. Thanks for sharing, I'm your newest follower! Came on over from the delightful order link party!

    Brie from

  7. That looks great! I can't believe those are napkins!! :) Thanks for linking to Thrifty Thursday!

  8. that is amazing!
    thanks for sharing!
    {love} lauryn @

  9. That looks like paint! What a great idea and application! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Wonderful idea. I love that you use napkins. Great job.


  11. I love this idea. So great to save on having to buy fabric.

  12. I love the pattern on the napkin you used! You did a beautiful job!

  13. Cute cute cute! I remember seeing your chair! You find some really fun napkins!

  14. That is a fun pattern and Mod Podge is certainly amazing as is your frame.

  15. love it looks very cool come see me at

  16. Wow, you would never know! Mod Podge... the possibilities are endless! : ) Thanks for linking up.

  17. This is great! I have never thought to modgepodge a napkin onto something like this!! I would love it if you would come link this up to my link party!

    xoxo, Ashley J @

  18. this rocks! thanks for sharing:)

  19. Pretty..I take old windows and add screens for my ear what you did

    Hope you visit my blog. I do monthly giveaways and several are going on now and others starting soon.

    I get so much inspiration by visiting these blogs. Ladies you all have Talent.


  20. This is awesome. I never think to use cloth napkins! Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy last week. We hope you will join us again!

  21. what a fab project! congratulations on making it to this week's featured projects! votation starts today. Have a lovely weekend!


  22. Great idea for a napkin! This frame turned out beautifully! Thank you so much for linking up at Savvy HomeMade Monday. We are partying again and I hope you will stop by! :)


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