Saturday, April 9, 2022

Decoupage Easter Decor With Napkins

 If you've followed me for awhile, then you know how much I love to use napkins for decoupage. If there's ever a napkin shortage, just come to my house. I have quite the collection! And, HomeGoods doesn't help my addiction. Not only do they have a section in the store with napkins, they have them strategically placed in the long line you have to stand in to check out. So, of course, on my last visit I had to buy 6 packs of cute Easter napkins.

I bought the napkins to make coasters (which I did) but I had a couple of other projects in mind as well.

 I've always seen peat pots used in decor & thought some of the napkins I bought would be perfect for that project. So, I ordered some peat pots...

I didn't want solid coverage, so I dry brushed them with white paint.

The napkin I used was 3 ply, so I separated the layers until I was left with a single sheet. If you don't separate the layers, the napkin won't stick properly.
I tore around the part of the design I wanted to use, then used ModPodge to apply it to the peat pot.

Since the background color of the napkin is white, it doesn't show on the white paint, & looks like the design is painted onto the pot.

I formed Spanish Moss into a nest shape, placed it into the pot, then added an egg.

I love how it turned out & see a lot more projects with peat pots in my future!

I used a second napkin for a super easy project on a little wooden block house that I picked up at Target. These little houses come in packs of 3 different sizes.

I painted the wood white...

As with the last project, I separated the layers, & added ModPodge to the block, then applied the napkin.

I sanded the edges to remove the excess napkin.

I could have stopped there & it would've been cute, but I cut out the words, Easter Blessings, in vinyl using my Cricut Maker, & added them to the block.

Easy, inexpensive, adorable!

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  1. I love using napkins and decoupage to create decor. LOVE the napkins that you chose! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  2. Oh Virginia, both of these Easter decoupage ideas are adorable. I especially love your peat pot nests. I wish I could find napkins that pretty! They would make adorable Easter place cardholder/guest favors too.


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