Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Two For One DIY

Today I'm sharing 2 DIY techniques in 1 post...
Crackle & Image Transfer.

 I started with a frame from Michael's...

 I applied Crackle from the Dixie Belle Paint Company directly onto the frame. This will allow the black to show through the cracks once I apply the paint. Crackle can be tricky. The key is to not overwork it. Don't brush back and forth!

 I let the Crackle dry completely, then painted over it with the Dixie Belle color, Apricot. It's the same when applying paint over crackle, don't overwork it! The paint starts to crack quickly so if you go back and forth over it, you will cover up the cracks.

I was originally going to do an image transfer on wood and add it to the frame, but decided to do it on the glass that came with the frame. I first gave the glass 2 coats of Slick Stick. It helps the paint stick to any really slick surface.

 You need to wait at least an hour between coats of Slick Stick. I also waited an hour before adding the paint color, Fluff. 

 I found a beautiful image of birds on the Graphics Fairy website, sized it to fit on the glass, then printed it out. I took it to my local office supply store and made copies on their laser printer. Ink jet images will bleed and you won't get a clear image. 

 I cut around the image, then added Dixie Belle Clear Coat to the printed side of the image, as well as to the glass.

 I pressed the paper, image side down onto the glass and let it sit overnight to ensure that it was completely dry before the next step.

 The next day I sprayed the paper with water and let it sit for a minute to soak into the paper.

 I then started to gently rub the paper. It will pull up but leave the image.

As it dries, the image may appear cloudy. If this happens, just spray with more water and continue the process.

If some of the image pulls up, it just adds to the vintage charm.

 I sealed the image with another coat of the Clear Coat, then added Van Dyke Glaze to the image on the glass and to the frame.

 I put the glass back in the frame and was so happy with it that I made 5 more!

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  1. Wow! Thanks for all of those tips and tricks to add a vintage look to
    brand new things. Crackling is one of those things that works great for me one time and not another. I think I need to try the brand of crackle that you are using.

  2. As I am a bird lover, I loved your gallery wall and that warm apricot color. Great tutorial; I haven't tried crackle paint yet; I KNOW I would have overworked it without your tip; Thank you.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful project! I still can not believe all the great products that Dixie Belle makes! You do a great job. Love the gallery wall. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

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  5. Wow! Thanks for all of those tips and tricks to add a vintage look to
    brand new things. Crackling is one of those things that works great for me one time and not another. I think I need to try the brand of crackle that you are using.
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  6. Such a great project! So glad I stopped by.


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