Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Gift Tin

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After Christmas, I bought some tins that were on sale at Kroger for 40cents...
I knew I would re-purpose them somehow and here's what I came up with...

I bought some Valentine's fabric at Hobby Lobby. I bought 1/4 of a yard and it was on sale so I paid $1.05. I can make 4 boxes from that amount of fabric.

Using the lid to the tin as a template, I drew 5 circles on the fabric and cut them out using pinking sheers. Then I cut 5 more circles slightly smaller (I free handed doesn't matter if they are perfect circles when you fold them). Then I cut more circles smaller than the second set. For this smallest set, I only needed 2 circles.

I folded the largest circles and medium circles in half, and then in half again. Here's the really easy part...I stapled them at the tip to hold them together! 

Starting with the largest folded circles, I glued them around the top of the tin using E6000.
 Bye, bye Santa!

Then I added the medium size circles. 

The smaller circles didn't need to be stapled. I just folded them and glued them into the center of the flower. I held them in place long enough for them to secure to the flower.
For around 75cents, I have a cute gift box that can hold anything from candy, to love notes, to jewelry. I think I'll give the empty box to my husband and tell him to put something sparkly in it!

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  1. cute project - I hope your hubby takes the hint!!

  2. Very sweet idea! And for 40 cents - you can't beat that!


  3. It look so sweet and cute.I really like this valentine special tin.It really great idea.

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  4. what a clever idea! it turned out so cute! by the way, girl, I have tagged you! hope you'll play along ^^)

  5. Love this idea- no sewing involved! Yahoo! I am pretty bad when it comes to a sewing needle!
    Love the empty tin idea for the hubby;)


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