Sunday, January 9, 2022

Decoupage With Dixie Belle

 I come across these half tables quite often & can never pass them up. They're perfect if you need a small table by a chair or sofa, or even as a bedside table or in a bathroom.

This table had a decorative piece that was missing on one side.
Luckily it was only decorative & glued on, & popped right off with the slightest tap of a hammer.
I cleaned the table with White Lightening from the Dixie Belle Paint Company. After using the White Lightening, I cleaned with just water to make sure that no White Lightening residue was left behind.
Then I painted the table with two coats of Dixie Belle's color, Gravel Road.
I typically wait 24 hours before moving on to the next step. So, the next day I added Gilding Wax in the color Zinc, using my finger to apply it.

The Gilding Wax highlights all the detail.

Dixie Belle has some beautiful rice papers for decoupage. I've been waiting for the perfect piece to use their Art Deco Bird Pattern, & this table was it.

I used Dixie Belle's Satin Clear Coat as my decoupage medium & as a sealer for the table top.

The background color of the paper matched Gravel Road perfectly. Although it would have also looked great with a contrasting color.
The rice paper measures just over 23" x 24" so I have a lot left over for another project.
Now I'm on the hunt for more of these tables to decoupage!

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  1. Happy New Year Virginia! I love the pretty rice paper you used and that it matches the gravel road color. Very pretty makeover and lovely table too!

  2. Georgia, I love those little half tables, too. I have one that belonged to my grandparents--I'm almost 78, so it's old! I've wanted to paint it but haven't been able to decide what color or finish to use. After seeing what you did with your table I think I might try doing something similar. Thanks for sharing your project and process.

  3. I never see these kinds of tables when I'm thrifting, lucky you! And your choice of paper and paint color is really lovely! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  4. Beautiful!! It works especially well as a side table for that piece of furniture!

  5. So pretty! The paper and the paint color are perfect together 😊 I just finished and posted a decoupage project using Dixie Belle too! Great minds think alike!

  6. What a pretty table makeover! I adore the pattern on top. It sure makes one pretty statement!


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