Sunday, July 11, 2021

Don't Eat The Gumballs

This adorable door hanger looks like a sweet treat to greet your guests, but don't eat the gumballs!

The base material for the door hanger is a wooden cutout from Signopoly. It even has grooves to define the different areas of the gumball machine.

I used the color, Caviar, from the Dixie Belle Paint Company to paint the feet of the gumball machine.

I painted the "glass" globe with the color, Fluff, & painted the rest of the machine with Honky Tonk Red.

I used Dixie Belle's Gemstone Mousse in the color Diamond for the candy chute & knob to make it look like metal.

I used Dixie Belle's black Best Dang Wax to define the details.

I glued on colorful pompoms, using tacky glue, to represent the gumballs. So cute, but not tasty! 

We've all heard of things looking too pretty to eat, and that is literally true for this!

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