Monday, July 6, 2020

Cabinet Door Chalkboard

I have a friend who remodels kitchens, & when he has good quality wooden cabinet doors, he gives them to me.
I use them to teach how to paint & glaze cabinets at Junk Mama's General Store. Often times, people are there to learn but don't take the doors home with them. So, what do I do with the extra doors? Well, in this case, I turned one into a chalkboard.
I first had to fill the holes left behind from the door pulls. I used Dixie Belle's Mud for this.

 Once the mud was dry, I sanded it smooth then painted over the door with the color Fluff.
I created the chalkboard on the recessed middle part of the door using the color Caviar. I first painted horizontally across the door...
 I let the first coat dry, then painted the Caviar in a vertical direction...
 I did a third & final coat horizontally...
 I wanted to add a small, faux boxwood wreath to the chalkboard, but before I glued it down, the chalkboard needed to be conditioned. Conditioning the chalkboard prevents a halo being left behind when you erase writing on the board.
 I placed the wreath where I wanted it to go, then conditioned the chalkboard by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk over the paint. I didn't want to condition where I was gluing the wreath because the chalk may prevent the glue from holding it in place.
 Once I had gone over the chalkboard with the chalk, I used a dry paper towel to wipe it back.

 I used E6000 to glue to wreath onto the chalkboard.

 I wrote our wifi password on the chalkboard and hung it in my guest room.

 This was a fun way to repurpose an old cabinet door into something useful.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Hello Summer Door Hanger

I'm back with another fun project to celebrate Summer... my favorite season!
I've shared quite a few of the wooden cutouts from Signopoly that make great door hangers or home decor. And, these sunglasses are super cute!
 I painted the frame with the color, Tree Frog Green. This is just a base because I did something fun with this color later on.
 If you've been here before, then you know that I love Dixie Belle Paint & use it for everything. It's intended for painting furniture, but the colors are so gorgeous that it's great for projects like this.
I painted an ocean sunset on the glasses...

 Then I added some palm trees...
 I made a vinyl stencil using my Cricut Maker to say, "hello summer." 
I added a yellow highlight to the letters.

 I added Dixie Belle's Crackle medium over the Tree Frog Green and let it sit overnight before adding a top color.
After letting the Crackle medium dry overnight, I painted over it with the color, Daisy.
 I used a Prima mould & modeling material to create a little flower embellishment for the corners of the glasses.
Hello Summer!!! Let the fun begin!

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Red, White, & BOHO, Part Two

Last week I shared a Patriotic BOHO style wooden star...
You can find the link to that post HERE.

When I found this cute little table, I knew that I wanted to cover the drawers with Caravans, the same transfer from Re*design With Prima, that I used on the star. And, I had plenty left over from that project.
 I knew I might be facing a problem! The legs were wrapped in yarn at the bottom. Why would you do that? Are you trying to hide something?
 They were absolutely hiding something! I removed the yarn, only to find electrical tape...
 I removed the electrical tape, only to find double sided, thick tape. I removed that to find that some of the legs were badly damaged. I took the easy way out in fixing them by just cutting off the damaged part.
 I painted the table with the color Honky Tonk Red from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.
 I ran into another little problem.
The knobs on the drawers were glued on so I couldn't remove them to add the transfer. My daughter had the great idea to use a hole punch, then cut an X to make the hole fit over the knobs.
Once I had cut the transfer to the size of the drawer fronts, to find exactly where the holes should go, I painted the knobs with the color, Fluff, and while they were wet, I lined up the transfer with the drawer, & let the wet paint make a mark on the transfer. 
 The transfer went perfectly over the knobs!

 And, there's nothing to hide...
no yarn needed to cover something up!

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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Red, White, And Boho Star

Here's a twist on the typical stars & stripes decor.
For something a little different I added a touch of Boho style.

I started with a wooden star cutout from Signopoly
The grooves make it easy to paint & add design.
I painted the entire star with the color, Fluff, from the Dixie Belle Paint Compnay. Then I painted every other stripe with the color Honky Tonk.
For the Boho detail, I used the Caravans decor transfer from Re*design With Prima. The transfer works best if the paint has had plenty of time to dry. So I waited overnight before adding the transfer.
I made a template, then cut the transfer to fit the remaining sections of the star.

I used the applicator tool that comes
with the transfer to rub the design onto the star.
I pressed the applicator tool down into the grooves to push the transfer into them so I wouldn't lose that detail.

To finish off the star and accentuate the grooves in the wood, I added wax. On the painted stripes, I first added clear wax. This makes the dark wax easy to manipulate and not be too hard to lighten on the matte finish of the paint. I didn't worry about the clear wax getting into the grooves because I wanted them to be dark. The area with the transfer didn't need it because it is a slick surface.
Then I added black wax down into the grooves in the wood, & also in the grooves of the transfer, & along the edges of the star, then wiped them back to smooth out the wax & give it a softer appearance.

Red, white, & Boho!

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