Monday, June 7, 2021

Painting My Diving Board...Again

 Back in 2018 I shared how I painted my stained & dingy diving board with Dixie Belle Paint...

You can read that post HERE.

It was so colorful & pretty, & it held up beautifully.

Last year, we had to get a new liner. The paint colors didn't match well with the new liner. So, of course, I painted the diving board again!

As before, I taped off sections with painter's tape to create stripes. Then used Dixie Belle paint colors that better matched the new liner.

The colors I used were Fluff, Cobalt, In The Navy, French Linen, & Dusty Blue.

Because of the texture of the diving board, some of the paint did bleed under the tape. So I used a small, flat artist brush to touch it up.

I sealed the diving board with Dixie Belle's Gator Hide. Gator Hide is water repellant so it's perfect for outdoor use. It adds a slight sheen to create a nice satin finish.

Diving in to Summer with another Dixie Belle makeover...

While I had my paint out, I updated my terracotta pots using the color Cobalt, leaving a little of the terracotta peaking through...

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Repurposed Brick Mold

 It seems like all of a sudden I'm seeing brick molds everywhere!

I wanted to do something creative with this one & decided a makeover was just what it needed to make it a little less rustic.

I gave the wood a whitewash look with Dixie Belle Paint Company's Voodoo Gel Stain using the color White Magic.

I poured a little of the stain in a container then painted it on with a paintbrush.

Then, while it was still wet, I wiped it back with a damp rag.

I wanted to dress the brick mold up a little more using the Cacti & Succulents Transfer from the Belles & Whistles line from Dixie Belle.

There are 6 sheets in the package. Two of the sheets have an all over design, but the others sheets have separate designs that are easy to cut up & just use a few pieces. 

I cut out the pieces of the transfer that I wanted to use & began rubbing them onto the brick mold using the wooden applicator that comes in the package.

I kept adding to the design until I had the look I wanted.

There are so many things you can use brick molds for...

 add potted plants to them,

add jars to hold silverware at parties,

fill them with seashells,

use them to make large candles...

Or, do what I did!

It just so happens that brick molds are the perfect size to hold 2 rolls of toilet paper. And, it fits perfectly on the back of the toilet!

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Sunday, April 18, 2021

It's All In The Details

 I was very excited when I found this coffee table. I knew that with a good makeover, the ornate details could be stunning.

However, my excitement faded when I realized what a problem the top of the table was going to be. The beautiful veneer on top was badly damaged & so was the ornate trim around the top of the table. So, I started by removing the trim.

Then I moved on to removing the veneer. Some of the veneer came off easily, but some, not so much! 

Removing the veneer took a long time, and it was all for nothing! I took the table outside to sand off the glue from the top & it warped! So, I had to have a new top made for it.

Finally it was time to paint! I chose the color Stormy Seas from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.

Stormy Seas if a beautiful blue, gray color.

The ornate detail of this table was screaming, "make me fancy!" So, to accentuate the details, I added Dixie Belle's Gemstone Mousse in the color, Golden Gem. It is highly pigmented and doesn't take much for great coverage. I used a chip brush with very little mousse and lightly drug it across the details. 

Once the base of the table was done, the top was too plain. So, I grabbed my Royal Damask stencil from Dixie Belle.

I used the chip brush to add more of the Gemstone Mousse.
It was just what the top needed to carry on the "fancy" aspect of this coffee table.

This piece was a labor of love, but in the end, well worth the effort it took to give it new life.

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Thursday, April 1, 2021


 And, just like that, Spring has sprung! 

Trees are in full bloom. Green leaves cover branches. A blanket of yellow pollen covers EVERYTHING! And, birds are already nesting.

Today's project is inspired by our feathered friends.

I used the Re*design With Prima Curio Trinkets mould with the air dry modeling material to create pretty little flowers to add to some faux eggs.

Because of the curved shape of the eggs, I went ahead & glued them onto the eggs using E6000, then set them aside to dry.
Once the modeling material was dry, I painted the eggs with the color, Vintage Duck Egg, from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.
To accentuate the detail, I added glaze in Dixie Belle's color, Van Dyke Brown. I painted it on heavy, making sure the grooves were filled.

Then I took a damp rag & wiped away the glaze, leaving it in the detail of the mould. 
I wiped a little of the glaze on the entire eggs to antique them, then placed them in a nest.

What a sweet reminder of the beauty of Spring.

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Blue & White China Inspired Bunny

As an ambassador for Signopoly, I get to play with some of their awesome wood cut outs. I see so many adorable whimsical bunnies for Easter, but I wanted to go classic with this one. And there's nothing more classic than blue & white china. I knew the French Ceramics transfer from Re*design With Prima would help me easily achieve the look I wanted.
I painted the wooden bunny with the color Fluff from the Dixie Belle Paint Company. Once the paint was dry, I began cutting out pieces of the transfer & rubbing them onto the bunny.
I didn't want the entire bunny covered with the transfer, so I just added it to the bottom & up one side.
I gave the bunny a wiggly eye, & a pretty ribbon & tied it in a bow around the bunny's neck.
All this sweet bunny needed was a fluffy tail. I used E6000 to adhere a 3" furry pompom to my faux china bunny.
What a sweet way to greet my guests for Easter!

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