Saturday, March 20, 2021

Spring Candles With Yogurt Jars


Have you been saving your Oui yogurt jars waiting for the perfect project? Me too!

Well, look no further for a project to use them in. These Spring candles are quick & easy, & so much fun to make.

Take off the labels & run them through the dishwasher. Then pick out a pretty patterned napkin to decoupage to the outside of the jar. I chose a Spring/Summer pattern, but this project would be great for any season or holiday.

Separate the layers of the napkin so you are only left with the top layer with the pattern. If you skip this step the napkin won't adhere properly.
Add a generous amount of ModPodge to the outside of the jar.
Place the center of the napkin on the jar. As you work around the jar, the napkin will have a little give to push it up to the rim of the jar, but be carful not to tear the napkin. A few wrinkles are okay...your candles will be so pretty that you won't really notice them in the end.
Add more ModPodge over the napkin in the back where the napkin will overlap.
Coat the bottom of the jar with ModPodge.
Use the paintbrush & more ModPodge to pull down a small section of the napkin onto the jar.
Continue this around the bottom of the jar until all of the napkin is glued down.
Coat the entire jar with a final coat of ModPodge, then leave upside down on wax paper to dry.

You can buy candle making supplies at your local craft store, but I chose to use Farm Finds Candle Co. & placed my order for several scents online.

The kit comes with scented wax, wicks, stickers to hold the wicks in place, & chopsticks that are connected at one end.

While the wax is melting in the microwave, place the wick in the jar, then thread the wick into the chopsticks and position the wick to the center of the jar.

Stir the wax to help melt any lumps of unmelted wax.
Gently pour the wax into the jar leaving about a half inch at the top. You can fill 3 Oui jars with one tub of wax. 
Once the candle has hardened, remove the chopsticks & trim the wick.
Now for the hardest part... it is recommended that you wait 7 days before burning the candle. Even though you can't light them for a week, they are still pretty to look at, & they smell wonderful even when not lit!

Once you can light them, they are even more beautiful...

and, the scents are divine! I especially love the Mint Mojito.
So, how many candles will you be able to make with all those yogurt jars you've been hoarding?

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  1. love this! never knew there was a yogurt that came in a glass. you are so clever.

  2. I love these, I'm ordering my candle making supplies to make them!!


  3. This is such a cute idea. I've used napkins as decoupage but never in this way!!!!


  4. I saw these on IG or Facebook (or both) and fell in love with them. SO pretty for spring. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. Pinned! xo Kathleen

  5. These are just so perfect for Easter / Spring / Mother's Day. Featuring when my party opens!


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