Friday, July 8, 2011

Great Finds

I just wanted to share a couple of great pieces I found this week...

The chair came from a new thrift store that a local church opened up. It is worn on the seat which doesn't matter since I'm going to paint it anyway. And, it is very sturdy. The best part... I only paid $4 for it. Yes, you heard right!!! FOUR DOLLARS! I'm not sure how I'm going to paint it yet. So many ideas are running through my head. I'll have to get a grip on which one I like best.

The mirror came from a junk/antique store on Hwy 16 near Griffin, GA.

It has a couple of chipped places on it, but once I paint it you'll never notice. It is great quality...very heavy. I love the shape of it! I'm going to be a copy cat and try the Acid Mirror technique I saw over at Luxe Boulevard...

Oh... I forgot to mention that I only paid $10 for the mirror!

Take one more look...

So, stay tuned to see how I turn my inexpensive finds into something wonderful!


  1. Awesome finds @ my kinda deals! Tiff

  2. Followed you here from Ladybirdy Ln. I have got to start doing some of these thrifty projects so I am now FOLLOWING YOU so I can get the dirt of how you make this stuff look amazing.

    And I love, loved your bookcase bar idea! We have a beautiful wine and glassware tower that will not survive babyproofing, boo. But if I modify your idea, I think we could end up with a good sturdy piece and just place the breakables up high. I'm so glad you showcased that project.

    Happy to be your newest follower ~ Adrianne


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