Saturday, February 12, 2011

Craft Day With The Girls

This week some  friends came over for craft day and we created the cutest Valentines! This is a quick and easy project so you still have time to make this before the 14th. This would also be a great project for Easter or Mother's Day. I got the idea from a project I saw at and I just tweaked it a little.

What you'll need...
corrugated cardboard
acrylic paint
hole punch
scrapbook paper with different designs and colors
3/4" circle punch *
1" circle punch *
1" heart punch *
* you can cut these shapes out by hand if you don't have the punch

Start by peeling away pieces of the outer layer or paper on the cardboard to give it texture.

Next add some acrylic paint to the center of the cardboard and spread it without covering the entire cardboard. We used old credit cards and room key cards to spread the paint.

While the paint dries, pick your colors for the stems and petals out of different scrapbook paper. Cut a stem for your flower plus a smaller stem coming of the main stem. Using the heart punch, cut 2 hearts which will be your leaves. Using the 1" circle punch, cut 5 circles using a dark color. Next cut 5 lighter color circles using the 3/4" circle punch.

Next glue on your stems and leaves. Then start your flower by gluing the large circles first then add the smaller circles. Once your flower is glued on, add a button to the center. Punch 2 holes in the top and thread with cord, ribbon, or wire.

You can embelish these cute Valentines so many different ways! As you can see above, I added a bird to one and used the buttons for leaves on another.
Here's one that Jenny came up with...
I  had so much fun with the girls! Give this craft a try. It gets 5 stars for easy and 5 stars for cuteness which makes it a perfect 10!


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