Sunday, January 30, 2022

Home Is Where The Heart Is

 Little wooden block houses have been big in home decor for a few years now. So, when I saw packs of 3 houses at Target, I had to have them. It's so much easier having them on hand already cut & ready to create something cute.

The blocks are in 3 sizes per pack, & I chose the smallest size for a Valentine project.

I stained the raw wood with Voodoo Gel Stain from the Dixie Belle Paint Company using the color, Up In Smoke, which is a pretty gray. The Voodoo stain is perfect for raw wood, & is water based for easy clean up. There's no need for gloves like with oil based stains.
I wanted a pretty pattern on the front of the house, & chose to use Dixie Belle's Peony Pattern decoupage rice paper.
I traced around the house onto the paper, then cut it out.
I applied the rice paper to the front of the house using ModPodge.
It was pretty with just the paper, & would be perfect for Spring & Summer.
 I wanted this to be for Valentine's Day, so I cut a heart out of watercolor paper.
I painted the heart using a red watercolor.

I crumpled up the heart while the paper was still wet. This gives the heart more texture & dimension.
I uncrumpled the heart then glued it to the house using tacky glue. I made sure not to glue it flat so I would keep some of the dimension of the heart.
I found a pretty metal, vintage style key on Amazon & tied some twine around it.
I glued the key onto the heart. Then I wrapped the twine around the block twice & tied a bow.
This little house will be perfect for a tiered tray, on a shelf, or in a Valentine vignette.
Home really is where the heart is. And, this little home may need to stay out all year, not just in February!

Here is another fun project where I cut the blocks myself...

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