Thursday, April 1, 2021


 And, just like that, Spring has sprung! 

Trees are in full bloom. Green leaves cover branches. A blanket of yellow pollen covers EVERYTHING! And, birds are already nesting.

Today's project is inspired by our feathered friends.

I used the Re*design With Prima Curio Trinkets mould with the air dry modeling material to create pretty little flowers to add to some faux eggs.

Because of the curved shape of the eggs, I went ahead & glued them onto the eggs using E6000, then set them aside to dry.
Once the modeling material was dry, I painted the eggs with the color, Vintage Duck Egg, from the Dixie Belle Paint Company.
To accentuate the detail, I added glaze in Dixie Belle's color, Van Dyke Brown. I painted it on heavy, making sure the grooves were filled.

Then I took a damp rag & wiped away the glaze, leaving it in the detail of the mould. 
I wiped a little of the glaze on the entire eggs to antique them, then placed them in a nest.

What a sweet reminder of the beauty of Spring.

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  1. Now these are vintage-style Easter eggs that would fit right into my decor! They are so pretty Virginia and my favorites so far.

  2. You make the coolest things, I love these! xo Kathleen


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